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 For most the book of revelation is a mystical book full of strange creatures and symbolisms that boggle the mind and terrify the soul.  The interpretation of these various symbols has led to a wide variety of misunderstandings and false doctrines that have led many down the wrong path. The book of revelation need not be so complicated to understand as you will soon see.  By the time that you have completed this book my hope and prayer is that your mind will be at peace concerning this seemingly terrifying book. 

     The basic premise of how one looks at the book of revelation is the most important issue and seems to cause most of the struggle.  The belief that the book of revelation is about the end of the physical world and is all about “us” and our generation is one of the biggest mistakes being made in interpreting this book today.  This futuristic doomsday belief has caused much anxiety and mental stress upon its believers.  People have put off career plans, put off having children, and believe the physical world as we know it is ending soon, all based on this wrong interpretation.  This doomsday theology being propagated by the mainstream ministry media continues to scare many believers and unbelievers alike.  People that have not picked up a Bible in years can tell you all about the coming antichrist and his government.  This false doctrine has reached deep into the main stream media and has not only penetrated the minds of the masses but has also made it that much more difficult to get to the truth concerning this book. 

     Many of these television preachers and teachers have a following of people that believe mostly what is told to them.  These “sheep” have not looked deeply enough into these issues for themselves to really determine what they believe and why they believe it.   I do not mean in any way to be critical of these followers for revelation can seem daunting.  I understand that if we believe that all of the answers have already been found then why keep searching.  Besides most people either do not have the time or plain out do not care enough to search out what they believe.  Do not be one of these people!  It is so easy to follow the mainstream that seems to have all of the knowledge and all of the answers.  Some of them seem to have an answer for every question, every scripture concerning the book of revelation.  I do not have an answer for everything but I believe that I do have a basic premise and understanding for the theme of the book of revelation.  It is time for the truth to be told. 

      Revelation is not about the end of the physical world or an end time antichrist regime.  It is the revelation of Jesus Christ and come to find out it is all about Him.  God had a master plan concerning man ever since the fall in the garden.  This plan was to be fulfilled in the coming personage of Jesus Christ.  Most would agree that Jesus is Lord and Savior and that He is the bridge that gives man the opportunity to be saved from sin.  Trouble is most of the time we stop there and stop short.  Many things were accomplished by the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Mankind was redeemed from sin, Satan’s power over the consecrated individual was destroyed, the gentiles were grafted into the new kingdom, the whore of Babylon was destroyed, the church was born, and a new covenant was made. 

     When we think about what was accomplished on the cross it is quite amazing.  God's master plan is being fulfilled in heaven and on earth.  Everything is culminated to this moment in time.  Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross and the requirements to fulfill God’s purpose and plan had been completed.  What a glorious moment in time. This is a time like no other and no other to come.  Jesus has lived the victorious life over Satan, sin, and the cross. 

     As you read through the book of revelation begin to see the fulfilled accomplishments of Jesus.  See revelation as a revealing of Jesus through the eyes of the scriptures.  Learning and revealing by comparing scripture to scripture and theme to theme.  Many of you probably already can identify various passages in the Old Testament that directly correspond to the book of revelation.  If you can’t there are many Bibles that have some of these references.  Daniel's four beasts and the beast of revelation 13 is a good example of this.  It is important to be able to see the correlating passages but it is more important to see the book of revelation through the right perspective and light.

      When Jesus came and died He gave birth to a new spiritual age.  Some call it the new covenant; some call it the age of grace, either way at that particular moment in time all things became new.  Remember that spiritual change does not mean physical change.  You may be a new creature in Christ but you still look physically the same.  The same is true for this world.  There is a new relationship with God but the physical world remains the same.  Jesus continually stressed seeing with your spiritual eyes.  When you think of the new world that was to come it is important to understand that that was not a physical world but a spiritual world created by a new relationship.  Just as you may be a new creature once your relationship with God changes, so is it a new world once the relationship with God changes.

     As you read on let’s pray that God will open our eyes to His truth and none other.  It is not about being right or being wrong.  It is about knowing and searching to find the truth.  I do not believe that you would be reading this book right now if you really did not care what you believed.  Let’s move on together with open minds and open hearts to receive.  The Bible will interpret itself if we will let it.  Please examine the scripture references that are outlined in the coming pages.  I ask you not to believe me but to believe the scriptures and your heart.  As you will shortly see, the evidence is overwhelming!