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The book of Revelation is probably the most studied book of the Bible.  Why would or should this one book receive so much attention.  The answer is pretty simple.  The book of Revelation is filled with much symbolism and mysterious happenings that can boggle the mind.  To add to this is the popular belief that Revelation is foretelling the future.  This all adds to the want and need to understand this “mysterious” book.  Some want to know and understand what they believe and why they believe it.  I certainly commend this attitude.  It is important to seek the truth more then seeking to fight to defend one's position or opinion.  We all I presume want the truth.


                As we look into this study it will be difficult for those that have preconceived ideas to overcome them at first.  One thing I can say is that I have been there.  I understand how entrenched a theology and belief can be.  For ten years starting in the late 1980’s I studied lexicons, Bible dictionaries, and many other commentaries written by many different well renowned authors, some you would probably recognize.  The point to this is that none of that lead me to the truth.  Those books mostly advocated the popular doctrines of today, which would be fine if they were true.  I believed first in a pretribulation rapture of the church, then the prewrath rapture.  I believed in a one world government that would be lead by the Antichrist.  I believed he would instill a mark by way of a cashless society and a system that no one would be able to “buy or sell without”.  This would replace all forms of identification as well as serve as an individual checking account. I believed that the New Age Movement would be his religion especially after reading a couple of Dave Hunt’s books. 

                The point to all of this is that I do not believe any of this to be true now.  Yes after all those boxes of books, boxes of home taped videos, Bible lexicons, and Bible dictionaries I do not believe this theology any longer.  I was deeply entrenched and knew the scriptures and reasons behind each of the beliefs about revelation, especially the most popular view, premillennialism.  I knew that pretribulationists believed that the rapture happened in Revelation 4:1.  I saw the multitude that some believed were the raptured saints in Revelation 7.  I actually referred to it as the rapture after the sixth seal and thought it was obvious enough that someone else had to have had seen it.   It was then I found Rosenthal’s Prewrath Rapture, which I studied further.  I speak of all these studies not in boast but to point out that I understood and studied to know the truth.  I was up many nights until 4 or 5 am in study of all the futurists doctrine and still did not find the truth in this.  I also studied preterism and the reasoning behind this belief.  All of these beliefs in the end for me came to be wrong. 

                As you read the articles posted on this site I ask that you keep all of this in mind.  I am not high minded nor am I blind to understanding the opposing views on revelation.  I hope and pray that the coming pages will inspire and help to release a truth that is bigger than me.  It is I believe a truth that belongs to God.  It is His responsibility to get His truth out.  If somehow He uses me I have only to be grateful that He in some way thought that at this moment, at this time, that I could be a tool in His hands.  The truth is a precious thing to seek and for some can be very compelling.  I found that it was not in my labor but in God’s generosity that I come to understand some of these truths.    Some topics may stray and I do not claim to be a professional writer but in the end I believe the message and idea of this book could be enlightening in many ways.  For those that believe a horrible end is in store for the world, you will sigh in relief.  For those that want to see their savior in a deeper way, they will see Him better through the eyes of the book of Revelation.

                So what is it that turned me?  I like to look at it this way, if you remove one brick from a wall of bricks you begin to question it's integrity.  Once I started to see that the book was about Jesus and His accomplishments according to God’s plan the rest started to fall in line.  I am not here to say that I understand every piece of the book of Revelation but I can say that I have an ever clearer picture of what and how the book is to be understood.  Throughout this book that underlining doctrine will be exemplified and reinforced.  The doctrine will be simple, the logistics to some will not be.  My true understanding of some of these truths took much Bible reading especially among the Old Testament prophets.  Please take the time when necessary to read those portions of the Bible where applicable.  Some will read this book and take it at its face value, and that is fine.  I am not here to tell anyone how deep they should look into these issues.  Believing the truth is precious but understanding why you believe the truth gives a feeling of satisfaction to one’s mind and heart.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ FURTHER.  YOU WILL SURELY BE BLESSED.



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