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A Simple Understanding

                                       A SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING


Revelation need not be a complicated book to understand.  The basic premise of how one looks at the book is the one critical thing that causes most of the struggle.  The belief that the book of revelation is about the end of the physical world is the biggest mistake being made in the interpretation of this book.  This futurist belief has caused much and enough trauma.  People have put off career plans, put off having children, and believe the world is ending soon based on a false theology.  This doomsday theology being propagated by the mainstream ministry media continues to scare many believers and unbelievers.  People that have not picked up a Bible in years can tell you all about the coming antichrist.  This false doctrine has reached deep into the main stream.  Most of these people believe what is told to them and have not looked into these issues for themselves.  It is so easy to follow the television preachers who seem to have all of the knowledge and answers.  It is time for the truth to be told. 

      Revelation is not about the end of the physical world, it is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  God had a master plan ever since the fall in the garden.  All of God's master plan was to be fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ.  If you think about it many things were accomplished by the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Mankind was redeemed from sin, Satan's power over the consecrated indiviual was destroyed, the gentiles were grafted into the kingdom, the whore of Babylon was destroyed, and the church was born.  Now this is not everything that took place, there is more, we will discuss these things shortly. 

     When we think about what was accomplished on the cross it is quite amazing.  God's master plan coming to fruition.  Everything is culmanated to this moment in time.  When Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross he was referring to the plan of God for the redemption of man.  As you read through the book of revelation begin to see the accomplishments of Jesus.  See revelation as a revealing of Jesus through the eyes of the scriptures.  Many of you probably already can refer to various passages in the old testament that directly correspond to the book of revelation.  Daniel's four beasts and the beast of revelation 13 is a good example of this.  It is important to be able to see the corrolating passages but it is more important to see the book of revelation through the right perspective.  The same old testament passages that many understand to be connected with the book of revelation may be right in their reasoning but wrong in their perspective.  Revelation is about the last days, of that time.  All things have already become new.  You may be a new creature in Christ but you still look physically the same.  The same is true for this world.  There is a new relationship with God but the physical world remains the same.  Jesus continually stressed seeing with your spiritual eyes.  When you think of the new world that was to come it is important to understand that that was not a physical world but a spiritual world created by a new relationship.  Just as you may be a new creature so is it now a new world.

     Now I am not asking you to take my word on this.  I only ask that you look into the articles and scripture references that are outlined here.  Remember that I have a long history of believing and studying a futurist revelation doctrine.  I knew why most people believed that the end was coming more than they understood why they believed it.  I would not have abandoned this doctrine that I was so deeply entrenched in without very good reason.  The scriptures that are quoted and referenced will provide the necessary proofs to those that doubt or struggle with anything new.  Again I ask you not to believe me but to believe the scriptures.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Read on to free your mind of the physical carnage that many believe will happen shortly and also to get a revealed look at your Saviour.