How And Do The Dinosaurs Fit Into The Bible?

Posted by Bible Knowledge Online Revelation Theology and Bible Study on September 16, 2011 at 12:50 AM

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Reply Ann
2:54 AM on October 2, 2011 
I may have been missunderstood. I do believe the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I just think they came before us. I was adding how evalutionists would like us to believe we evolved from the pehistoric apes. I enjoy reading Genesis and ponder what it must have been like. Im interested in the desendents of Noah and the nations of people they have become and how we fit into it and so on.... biblical science is so fasinating to me.
Thank you for posting! As you say this is a difficult question but I certainly believe that dinosaurs and many other fossils are real. The difficulty I believe is in our lack of understanding the book of Genesis. I have also always thought of the statement by God, "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." Replenish is the key word there. Adam and Eve I believe were the first human beings made in the image of God and able to contain the Spirit of God, hence God blowing into the nostrils of man the breath of life (the Spirit and spiritual life). Let me know what you think. GB
Reply Ann
10:18 PM on September 29, 2011 
Thats an awsome mistery we may never fully understand. I remember seeing a photo one time of a human footprint inside a large dinosaur footprint. It came from an arcaeology site. I dont believe it was doctored. Evalutionists would love to bury such facts and have gone to such lengths as fallacy. Actually creating fake fossils and claming prehistoric ape skulls to be human.
But we will never really know. I like to think how awsome it must have been. The beautiful colors their must have been...God is so creative, what an artist! Some studys did prove that at time the air was much thicker, the trees plants and insects were so large like the Redwood, everything so huge that man would not have been able to survive. They had their time and purpose to fill the earth with wild life. I cant see the Garden of Eden being a Jurasic park.
I would like to share a thought, I dont believe in evalution as its presented today, Darwinisim. but I do think that man has gone through physical evalution and I also believe man had a better knowledge on many thing then we do today as far as connecting with the earth, he was not the head scratching dummy he is made out to be. Sorry for trailing off the subject.