The Beast of Revelation

Posted by Bible Knowledge Online Revelation Theology and Bible Study on May 27, 2011 at 10:00 PM

I am currently studying this topic.  Your opinions are certainly welcomed!  God bless!

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Reply Pedro of san juan
9:47 AM on December 4, 2012 
The beast will rule man I myself if day comes I will never serve no one or an image of any kind just the lord of isreal it is written in the old no one shall serve nothing from the heavens nor under the earth nor of the sea for those r the one profesized not to follow the beast is a wicked leader may be the messiah of the jews are awaiting it a leader who will be bad like every other leader of men
Reply zorran
11:42 AM on October 28, 2011 
Reply Yvonne
8:23 PM on July 5, 2011 
Duet. 31:16 is the end of the Torah. jew is never mentioned in these books. They are still the children of Israel. Moses prophesies that they will ''go a-whoring'' and God will FORSAKE them.
The unrepentant are exiled into Babylon where they write the Talmud. Jesus rebukes them for their ''man made laws''. This is the Talmud.
Stephen says they went ''whoring'' in Egypt with the tabernacle and star of their god repahim...a star which is 6 sided hexagram, 6 triangles, 6 points.
Then in Persia they sat. Read Ester. God is never ever ever mentioned in Ester. Ester is merciless towards a man and the Jews create a holiday of the slaughter of THEIR enemies...not God's enemies...their enemis.
So Egypt, Babylon, Persia. Danielle also mentions Greece and Rome(one head that now is....). The Roman empire existed when Rev. was written.
1)Egypt had fallen 2) Babylon had fallen 3) Persia had fallen 4) Greece had fallen
5)Israel had fallen. It had supported the peoples who went a - whoring (aks..the whore) had fallen as per God's Word(the sword).
The world now marvels as it is resurrected.
Interesting? They have nukes. They can make fire come down from heaven.
I also believe in pure Spiritual translations but I also think that the Lord does make manifest some Spiritual truths in a tangible way.
Just my thoughts.