Can Anything That Is Physical Be Truly Holy?

Posted by Bible Knowledge Online Revelation Theology and Bible Study on September 16, 2011 at 12:45 AM

Holy buildings, holy books, and holy objects.  Are any of these truly holy?  What do you think?

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Reply 1Mazzaroth
3:51 PM on October 1, 2011 
Ann says...
I dont remember the vers, maybe someone remembers it but I read that demons can enter objects. Why not, its theirs.

Items can be Anointed by God and there are items that the devil can do as well. But our trust should never be in any item but the anointing on it. I have known the Lord for 30 years and for about 20 years the Lord has sent people my way bound by witchcraft, sorcery, and in the dark arts. People have sent demons to my home and I literally saw my couch move back and forth. So demons can move objects.

That stone King David killed Goliath with was anointed meaning the Lords presence that guided that stone. Yes, the anointing was with David, but, everything we touch or in our possession is anointed of God because of his presences in us. The battles David won was the Lords presence or Anointing . There is no scripture that says demons can touch things, but, there are examples through scriptures that explain God or demons can.

The Bible is but red and black ink on white paper, yet, because of the Anointing or presence of our Lord always dwelling within me, when I open my bible and read, the word comes alive within me and I see no longer the bible but the true and living word made flesh taking me to the heavenly's for a fresh anointing or revelations of our Lord Jesus Christ. I move from Glory to Glory and realm to realm, sitting in heavenly places in and through Christ Jesus, as King and Priest unto God.

God Bless
Reply 1Mazzaroth
3:21 PM on October 1, 2011 
YOU: We are to appreciate and respect the things and blessings that God has given us but not to the degree that these items become special to us. In some cases these items can borderline superstition or idolatry.

ME: I agree very much with this and at the same time I remember Apostle Paul using a hanker-chef for healing. Now, this item could not heal a sick fly, but, our Lord can still anoint any item to be use for his glory. Regardless if God should use cooking oil, my faith is not in the cooking oil or hanker-chef, but, that our Lord will use the foolish things to confound the wise. Yet, we find to many believers putting their faith in the hanker-chef and cooking oil, more than our Lord Jesus Christ.

For sure without a doubt the Anointing is within us. This allows us to anoint others with the flow of his presence. Ann brought up a good point. I'll reply to Ann for her question.

I would love to start meeting the members.
God Bless
Jesus did cast demons out of an individual and they went into swine. I do not recall any verses where demons entered into inanimate objects. GB
Reply Ann
10:49 PM on September 29, 2011 
I dont remember the vers, maybe someone remembers it but I read that demons can enter objects. Why not, its theirs.
Reply Ann
10:41 PM on September 29, 2011 
I totaly agree! When Paul told his followers to go out and preach the Word and when you go into the homes he said "touch nothing" for their belongings are unclean. The closer I walk with God the more I look around at all my stuff and just think UGH!.
He'll be doing us a favor when he distroys it all, all its overly mass produced junk.
Many in the religious world still have a touch not, taste not attitude toward holy items. Certain items are not to be touched by the masses. It is important to understand the New Testament teaches us that there is nothing holy but people.
We are to appreciate and respect the things and blessings that God has given us but not to the degree that these items become special to us. In some cases these items can borderline superstition or idolatry. Many wear crosses and crucifixes with the idea that somehow these items will protect them. Others will enter a church building with the idea that they have entered a sacred place. Yet others will not let dust accumulate on a bible or not sit a cup on their bible.
We must understand that none of these items are sacred or holy. They are tools that God gives us and blesses us with. God neither wants us nor expects us to hold these things holy. To put it simply, nothing that can be seen or touched is holy. All physical items can be destroyed. Throw a bible into the fire and what happens. The book burns. The words of the Bible are more than this. The words endure and live in the hearts of men and women. The Bible is a great blessing to have but take The Bible away and a true Christian still knows how to live according to God?s wishes.
It is important to understand that Satan has many devices at his disposal. For most Christians, Satan knows that he cannot deceive them with worshipping the golden calf, so to speak. Instead if we are not careful we will find ourselves worshipping ?holy? items. Whether crosses, crucifixes, church buildings, bibles, pictures of Jesus, or holy items on the altar, none of these things are holy. Christians that worship in a barn bring holiness in with them in the form of being holy saints entering. The building in of itself is not holy in any fashion.
God wants a holy people. He wants the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts and minds. He wants us to live everyday as if it was a holy day, because it is. He is not interested nor does He dwell in a building made with hands any longer.
The physical things that God gives us in our lives are a blessing and we are to be thankful for what is given us. Still the Lord does not want us to become so engraved with an item(s) that we forget. Forget what you may ask? Forget that He and He alone is the one worthy to be worshipped.
Is it wrong to own such items? No; however, we should be very careful not to esteem a picture of Jesus over a picture of flowers. For this reason many choose to not even have crosses, crucifixes, and the like as they feel it to be an unnecessary temptation in their lives. On this each must decide. This is between them and God. Nevertheless, the point of this article is to emphasize the importance of vigilance in this area of our lives. Holy items are not for the New Covenant. Those things were true under Old Testament Law. We are not under the Law of Moses any longer. Christ has come to give us freedom from the Law. Christ did not abolish the Old Law but came to put in place the true meaning of those Old Testament rituals.
The next time you put on a cross necklace or enter a church building ask yourself this. Is the building that God made without stone and wood holy? That building is you and He is the creator of that building. The creator is greater than the creation! That includes God creating us as well as us creating buildings, books, and altars. The Lord tells us to be holy as He is holy. Nothing is holy nor can be holy in this world but the people.